building lighthouse bookshop

Building a Bookshop

It is inevitable that if you’ve been open as long as we have, and all you really want to do is talk about books, some TLC and paint can become a little overdue. So the last few weeks have been spent painting and flooring, drilling, sawing and shelving! On April 24th we re-opened a refreshed version of our old self, a bookshop that is bright and airy, with comfy chairs for browsing stacks of books and a boiler always on the go for the next cuppa.

The bookshop’s refurb was made possible by friends, family, and the strangers who reached out through Twitter and selflessly volunteered to paint, sweep and move books around. We will be forever thankful to Helen, Carl, Julia, Justine, Harry, Hugo, Muriel, Shona, Emily, Malcolm, Alys, Ian, Andrew and the Sarahs!

Other indie business owners also lent a hand – the troupes were fuelled by the team at Field who brought coffees, and Rachel Hanretty of Mademoiselle Macaron who brought us treats! Richard from the Brotique also fixed some shelves and taught us how to wield a drill, whilst Dan & Simon from Bertrams set up our till and the boys at Deadhead Comics shared Bonnie for morale. Here’s a wee snapshot of the transformation as it happened…

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