Edinburgh’s Book Fringe 2017

Started in 2009 by Word Power, Edinburgh’s Book Fringe hosts an array of writers to perform, read from and discuss their work, as well as sign books. This year’s Book Fringe will be delivered by three independent bookshops – the Lighthouse, Golden Hare and Edinburgh Bookshop.

This is a unique collaboration that celebrates Edinburgh’s vibrant literary scene and the bookshops that serve the readers all across the city, all year round. Expect free, friendly, intimate events with a fantastic selection of writers, poets and novelists. Previous guests have included Mark Thomas, James Robertson, Amy Liptrot, Helen Fitzgerald, Janice Galloway, Rajah Shehadeh and Marion McCreedy.

Lighthouse events are free and do not need to be booked, just rock up to the bookshop for half an hour at 13.00 throughout August. The Golden Hare’s events will take place in the evenings and the Edinburgh Bookshop’s signings will be a little ad-hoc.

This year’s full program is still to be announced, but here’s a snapshot from the line-up: Rosie Wilby, Tom Devine, Lesley GlaisterHenrietta Rose-Innes,  Brian Elliott,  Don Paterson and Dan Richards.


Full List of Dates & Bios to come!

Wednesday 3rd August, 1pm, Lighthouse
Rosie Wilby
, award-winning writer, comedian and broadcaster, presents her latest work Is Monogamy Dead? It is a hilarious, thought-provoking mix of memoir, heartache and science that puts 21st century relationships under the microscope. 

“Hilarious… Jo Brand meets Eddie Izzard” – DIVA magazine

Tuesday 8th August, 1pm, Lighthouse
Geoff Allan
makes an appearance to talk about his work, The Scottish Bothy Bible. This is the first ever comprehensive guide to Scotland’s bothies. Allan takes on hikes and walks across burns and bogs to find Viking Longhouses, island hideaways and highland homesteads.

Thursday 10th August, 1pm, Lighthouse
Brian Elliott
joins the lineup for this year’s Edinburgh Book Fringe to talk about his latest book, Natural Catastrophe: Climate Change and Neoliberal Governance. This work persuasively argues that climate change is, in fact, a symptom of neoliberal governance and that environmental politics in the west needs to renew the Marxist challenge to the global market’s benign production of social utility and construct a new non-apocalyptic politics of nature.

Tuesday 22nd August, 1pm Lighthouse
Dan Richards
, artist, writer and climber, comes to the Lighthouse to talk about his current project and his last book, Climbing Days. It is a memoir to his great, great-aunt, Dorothy Pilley, a trail-blazing climber of the early twentieth century. Blending his own personal accounts of climbing with Pilley’s, this work is a beautiful portrait of a woman who, until now, had been lost to history.

“A delightful portrait of an extraordinary woman. Dan Richards’ prose is a joy to read, and despite my lifelong aversion to heights, swept me happily along in the pioneering footsteps of the fascinating Dorothy Pilley.” – Nigel Slater

Wednesday 23rd August, 1pm Lighthouse
Henrietta Rose-Innes
, award winning writer, whose previous works include; Nineveh, The Rock Alphabet, and Shark’s Egg. Rose-Innes will be presenting her latest work, Green Lion, a novel that captures our identity as animals within nature and tells the story of a park-keeper’s relationship with a lion in captivity.

“I love Henrietta Rose-Innes’ work. With plotlines that are wittily subversive and language that is whippet-lean, [she] is long overdue for discovery by a wider readership.” – Patrick Gale



Don Paterson is one of Scotland’s foremost poets, and poetry editor at Picador. His critically acclaimed work has won him the T.S. Eliot Prize for Poetry and The Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize, among others. 

“Dynamic, interrogative and unsettling; crafted yet open-ended; fiercely smart, savage and stirring- from the get-go Paterson’s poetry has been essential reading.” – The Guardian





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