The Book Fringe Logo: No competition!

Dear all!
After much discussion, informed by the feedback of many creatives -we’ve decided not to run a competition for our logo.
We had meant well, but we’ve since found out a great deal about the deeply problematic nature of spec work in the creative industries. We had no desire to undermine wages or undervalue work and unfortunately a competition of this kind would inevitably do both, regardless of intent.
As much as possible we have contacted those who expressed an interest in submitting to let all know this is no longer happening!
Thanks for your understanding, and apologies for getting it wrong this time – we’ll do better!

Do YOU want to be involved in creating the look of this year’s Book Fringe? Want to put those design skills to use in highlighting the presence of Edinburgh’s  alternative literary festival? Then we have the perfect opportunity for you!

All those who submit a design will be entered into a prize draw for the chance to win a book voucher and canvas bag. The creator of the winning design will receive £50 in cash or an £80 book voucher, as well as a goodie bag assembled by both bookshops. The winner will of course be credited in the official Book Fringe brochure, due to be stocked all over Edinburgh come August.

The Book Fringe is a bookshop-run, alternative festival of ideas which runs parallel to the Edinburgh International Book Festival every August. It’s been going since 2009, and consists of a series of author talks hosted in the intimate surroundings of both the Lighthouse and Golden Hare Books in Stockbridge. We’re looking to make this year’s Book Fringe even more exciting than last year, and part of accomplishing that will be finding a new logo to adorn the front of our official brochure and online marketing.

A suitable logo design should:

  • Be eye-catching enough to stand out amongst hundreds of festival leaflets.
  • Encapsulate the core ideals of the Book Fringe (reading, knowledge, inclusivity…and fun!).
  • Be compatible with Adobe InDesign (we’ll have to drop it into the program as we design this in house).
  • Preferably (but not necessarily), draw on the imagery of its two hosts, the Lighthouse and the Golden Hare.

If you would like your design to be considered for the new Book Fringe logo, please submit it, even as a draft* to no later than Monday 2nd July.

*We’re conscious how time consuming a finished design can be, if you submit a draft and win, you can finish up knowing the full design will be used.

If the winner would like to work on their design with our booksellers, we have InDesign and would happily have you in for a chance to work it up.


A note from the team:

We do realise £50 & a goodie bag is not much, and nowhere near a professional fee. We also acknowledge that design work is skilled work which is often expensive and time consuming to undertake. We are not running this competition as an alternative to seeking out and paying a professional – We are a very small operation and the BookFringe doesn’t yet turn a profit, we simply aren’t in a position to seek professional work.

We’re running this open call as some of our creative readers (who aren’t professionals) asked for the chance to pitch ideas. Although this adds a substantial expense (for us) we thought it better to open the call to those who would find a win beneficial to their creative pursuits and can afford to do so for £50. This was the alternative to us doing so in house as we have done in the past. We hope to be in a position to commission and pay for a piece in years to come.

Please note:
*If you have a portfolio of work and you would like an idea of whether we think your style fits our aesthetic before submitting a design pitch we are more than happy to look at your work and let you know what we think.
*All creators who submit their work retain their rights to that work, all files & work submitted that does not win will not be shared with any third parties nor used by us in any way – your ideas are your own.
*The winning BookFringe logo will only be used for our flyers, posters, and digital marketing for the 2018 Book Fringe, should we wish to keep using the winning logo we will happily negotiate a new fee and contract.

Good luck, and thanks for taking part!

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