F, M or Other: Quarrels with the Gender Binary


Featuring: femmes fatales, brazen boyishness, fierce feminism, mythos & eros, intersectional discourse, non-binary experiences, modern masculinities, speculative futures, supernatural beings, perspectives on ‘passing’ and everything in-between…


Gender is an elusive subject. Gender is deeply personal and subjective. It depends on who’s asking, who’s looking and who is living it. But it is also objective, rooted in history and a harsh, confining, reality for some. This anthology – a collection of short stories, essays, poems and comics – explores the subject without forcing certainty and definition upon it’s reader in a quarrelsome, uncompromising way.

F,M or Other gathered an international, transcontinental collection of voices: poets, essayists, artists, academics and writers. The 22 fantastic humans for Volume 1 are:

Laura Bridgeman (playwright and writer; The Butch Monologues)
Iliria Osum (poet, playwright and illustrator; Strange Horizons and Goblinfruit)
Max Scratchmann (poet, writer and illustrator)
Julya Oui (writer; Them Horrors Be Everywhere)
Eris Young (writer; Aether and Ichor, No Filter anthology)
Ever Dundas (writer; Goblin)
Brook Shelley (writer; The Toast and the Transfigure Project)
Douglas Bruton (writer)
Ely Percy (writer)
Hannah Newell (essayist)
Jonathan Bay (poet; House of Three)

Gray Crosbie (poet, writer and performer)
Freddie Alexander (poet and performer; Inky Fingers Open Mic night, Gutter Magazine, Broadway Baby, Scotsgay)
Laura Nicholson (artist)
Robert Stirrups (writer and reviewer)
Fee Johnstone (writer; Ad Hoc Flash Fiction, Paper and Ink and Razur Cuts zines)
Nic Lachance (poet, writer and performance artist)
Sarah Spence (poet and writer; Gilded Dirt)
George McDermid (writer; Fife Writes, Eternal LoveLight & Darkness and Spring Awakening anthologies published by Forward Poetry)
Oliver/Samanta | Geffers/Bellevue (performer and activist)
Tanisha Catt (writer and illustrator)


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