TOPICAL: Non Fiction Reading Group

TOPICAL is a reading group with a twist : each gathering will focus on a broad subject rather than an individual book, and primarily on non fiction. We’d like to encourage readers to share suggestions and stories, offering an opportunity to socialize knowledge on a topic of particular relevance, with a glass of wine or a beer in the bookshop.
Our first topic is PROTEST and we have a few of our own suggestions, though you are not expected to have read any/all of them, we just think they’re great:
No Is Not Enough – Naomi Klein
NonViolence – Mark Kurlansky
How to Resist – Matthew Bolton
Primitive Rebels – Hobsbawn
Protest, Stories of Resistance – Kit De Waal et al
100 Acts of Minor Dissent – Mark Thomas
Queer Wars – Altman
Geek Feminist Revolution- Kameron Hurley
Change is Gonna Come – Anthology
Twitter and Tear Gas – Zeynep Tufekci
Whether or not you’re able to join us please do share your own recommendations!
We’ll vote on a new topic, and our next date for November’s group at our October gathering, we expect to meet roughly every 6 weeks!
If you know you want to join us PLEASE please please reserve your spot – it is FREE, but like this we can make sure we have enough chairs & refreshments 🙂