Book Fringe : Betty Trask Winner Daniel Shand

The brilliant Edinburgh based, Betty Trask award winning Daniel Shand talks fiction!

His firs novel, Fallow, is a tense, darkly comic novel rooted in the relationship between two brothers bound by a terrible crime. Paul and Mikey are on the run, apparently from the press surrounding their house after Mikey’s release from prison. His crime – child murder, committed when he was a boy. As they travel, they move from one disturbing scenario to the next, eventually involving themselves with a bizarre religious cult. The power between the brothers begins to shift, and we realise there is more to their history than Paul has allowed us to know.

Fallow was praised by the Betty Trask Prize judges for managing to splice “a road trip through Scotland, a modern Biblical parable and a tense psychological thriller with echoes of Iain Banks and Cormac McCarthy“. Come hear how he did it!