Book Fringe: Gary Younge

BOOK FRINGE : Free Event

Wednesday 23rd August – 1pm
No booking required

A unique opportunity to hear from author, journalist and broadcaster Gary Younge. Younge’s critically acclaimed Another Day in the Death of America is the harrowing account of an unremarkable Saturday in America during which ten children or teenagers were killed by gunfire. None of these deaths made national news.

Each victim’s intimate story is revealed, and the consequence of America’s gun habit is revealed in stark, unflinching detail.  What emerges is a searing portrait of childhood and youth in contemporary America.

Formidably intelligent and tenacious. A tour de force of regulated passion. -Martin Amis

This is Gary Younge’s masterwork. You will never read news reports about gun violence the same way again. Brilliantly reported, quietly indignant and utterly gripping. A book to be read through tears. -Naomi Klein

This book is a righteous challenge to the big insanities of American society; gun ubiquity, racism, poverty and the supine and bland media which taboos genuine discourse on them. It’s all the more daring and subversive for its controlled and mannered tone, as it breaks the unwritten law: thou shall not humanize the victims of this ongoing carnage. -Irvine Welsh