Book Fringe: Sheila Szatkowski Walking tour of Enlightenment Edinburgh

BOOK FRINGE : Free event
Wednesday 16th August – 1pm
Booking recommended as spots are limited!

During the 18th century, Edinburgh was the intellectual hub of the Western world. Adam Smith, David Hume, Dugald Stewart and Adam Ferguson delivered their diverse tomes on philosophy and political economy. Others such as James Hutton, Joseph Black, Lord Hailes, John Clerk of Eldin and Robert Adam pushed ahead with new discoveries and ideas in the fields of science, medicine, law and architecture.

If Edinburgh was the beating heart of this Scottish Enlightenment then its physical embodiment was the New Town and the great civic improvements in the old medieval city. In her informative and highly illustrated guide Sheila Szatkowski introduced the noteworthy buildings and people of 18th and early 19th-century Edinburgh.

Szatkowski joins the Book Fringe to take readers on a walking tour of Enlightenment Edinburgh, introducing the people and places, clubs and conversations, topography and cultural achievements that came together to create the great enlightenment city that is Edinburgh.

The walking tour will leave from and return to the bookshop -please note that it does occasionally rain in our fair city, and this may be worth considering when chosing attire for this event.