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All the Days and Nights

Niven Govinden More by this author...£8.99

From the author of Black Bread White Beer

The East Coast of America, 1980. Anna Brown, a dying artist, works on her final portrait. Obsessive and secretive, it is a righting of her past failures; her final statement. John Brown, her husband and life-long muse, has left; walked out of their home one morning to travel cross-country in search of the paintings he has sat for. As their stories unfold -- independently, for the first time in many years -- a passionate unconventional relationship is revealed, between two people living through the most tumultuous decades of modern history. A

ll the Days and Nights is the story of an art hunt during a twilight period of painting. It lays bare two relationships that are ever changing and incomparable: of the artist and the muse, and of lovers. It is an exploration of what it means to create, what it means to inspire, what it means to live.

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