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Cover for: Experienced


Kate Young More by this author...£16.99Out 6th June 2024

Please note this title will be released in June 2024 – but you can pre-order it with Lighthouse today!

'A fizzing roller-coaster of a rom-com that is both the sexiest book you'll read all year and the most heartening. A big, kind, horny love-in that will embolden readers to get some more experience of their own.' Caroline O'Donoghue

Bette loves Mei, but Bette and Mei are on a break, so Bette can catch-up on the decade of dating experiences she missed before she came out.So Bette is (reluctantly) on a dating odyssey: a quest to have lots of casual sex with lots of hot women and come back to Mei more experienced and more certain about what she wants. And now she has new friend Ruth as her queer dating guide, she can't possibly fail.

It's just three months, then she'll be back with Mei.It's the perfect plan ... isn't it?

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