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Cover for: All The Painted Stars

All The Painted Stars

Emma Denny More by this author...£9.99Out 28 Mar 2024

Oxfordshire 1362

When Lily Barden discovers her best friend Johanna’s hand in marriage is being awarded as the main prize at a tournament, she is determined to stop it. Disguised as a knight, she infiltrates the contest, preparing to fight for Jo’s hand. But her conduct ruffles feathers, and when a dangerous incident escalates out of Lily’s control, Jo must help her escape.

Finding safety with a local brewster, Lily and Jo soon settle into a rhythm to their new freedom, and amongst blackberry bushes and lakeside walks an unexpected relationship blossoms. But when Jo’s past catches up with her and Lily’s reckless behaviour threatens their newfound happiness, both women realise that choices must always come at a cost. The question they need to ask is if the cost is worth the price of love...

Perfect for fans of LGBTQI+ , romance, and historical fiction such as Freya Marske, Stephanie Garber, Malinda Lo as well as contemporary romance that explore friendships such as Casey McQuiston and Georgia Toffolo.

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