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Cover for: The Racial Code : Tales of Resistance and Survival

The Racial Code : Tales of Resistance and Survival

Rollock, Nicola More by this author...£10.99Paperback
  • Social Justice
  • Anti-Racism, Decolonisation & Post-Colonial Thought
  • Sociology
  • Writers of colour
  • Inequality

Miles, a successful lawyer, is mistaken for the waiter at a networking event. Femi is on the verge of breakdown having been consistently overlooked for promotion at her university.

Nigel's emails, repeatedly expressing concern about his employer's forthcoming slavery exhibition, are ignored. Carol knows she can't let herself relax at the work Christmas party... This is racism.

It is not about the overt acts of random people at the fringes of society. It's about the everyday. It's the loaded silence, the throwaway remark, the casual comment or a 'joke' in the workplace.

It's everything. The Racial Code is an unprecedented examination of the hidden rules of race and racism that govern our lives and how they maintain the status quo. Interweaving narrative with research and theory, acclaimed expert Nicola Rollock uniquely lays bare the pain and cost of navigating everyday racism -- and compels us to reconsider how to truly achieve racial justice.

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