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Cover for: V : An empowering celebration of the vulva and vagina

V : An empowering celebration of the vulva and vagina

Schechter, Florence More by this author...£14.99

The journey towards celebrating your vagina can be a long one. But once you set off, you'll never look back. Are you ready to begin this all-important adventure, and reach a place of confidence and admiration for your vagina, vulva and incredible body? By the end of this book, you will be ready to talk about the vulva without shame or embarrassment. You will learn how vulvas have been admired in art and culture throughout history. You will discover how powerful your period really is. And you will find out how to smash stigma, label your labia, fight for your vulva's rights and find your Big V Energy!

Because, if the word is taboo, how can you talk about your vagina's health? If you can't label the vulva, how can you speak about pleasure? And if you don't know how your body works, how can you take care of it? Join Florence Schechter, the creator of the world's first bricks and mortar Vagina Museum, and find the confidence and pride to shout about your vagina from the rooftops! Suitable for ages 14+

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