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The Water Cure

Mackintosh, Sophie More by this author...£8.99

'A gripping, sinister fable' Margaret Atwood

'An extraordinary debut. Otherworldly, luminous, precise... She is writing the way that Sofia Coppola would shoot the end of the world' Guardian

'Bold, inventive, haunting... With shades of Margaret Atwood and Eimear McBride, you'll be bowled over by it'

You are a girl. Your body is vulnerable. Men will break it if they can - and out there, they absolutely can. Suffering will prepare you for the worst. The cure is nothing compared to what you've been spared in the sickness. It takes a lot of love to hurt you like this. Now, come outside. It's time to play the drowning game. Imagine three sisters raised on an island, taught to fear the outside world and its men. And imagine the men who come to find them: three strangers washed up by the sea, bringing desire and destruction in their wake...

'Eerie, electric, beautiful. It rushes you through to the end on a tide of tension and closely held panic. I loved this book' Daisy Johnson, Man Booker-shortlisted author of Everything Under

'Otherworldly, brutal and poetic: a feminist fable set by the sea, a female Lord of the Flies. It felt like a book I'd been waiting to read for a long time' Emma Jane Unsworth, author of Animals


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