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Cover for: With Freedom in Our Ears : Histories of Jewish Anarchism

With Freedom in Our Ears : Histories of Jewish Anarchism

Torres, Anna Elena, Zimmer, Kenyon, Goyens, Tom, Hunyadi, Binyamin, Brody, Samuel Hayim, Shtakser, I More by this author...£25.99Paperback

Jewish anarchism has long been marginalized in histories of anarchist thought and action. Anna Elena Torres and Kenyon Zimmer edit a collection of essays which recovers many aspects of this erased tradition. Contributors bring to light the presence and persistence of Jewish anarchism throughout histories of radical labor, women's studies, political theory, multilingual literature, and ethnic studies.

These essays reveal an ongoing engagement with non-Jewish radical cultures, including the translation practices of the Jewish anarchist press. Jewish anarchists drew from a matrix of secular, cultural, and religious influences, inventing new anarchist forms that ranged from mystical individualism to militantly atheist revolutionary cells. With Freedom in Our Ears brings together more than a dozen scholars and translators to write the first collaborative history of international, multilingual, and transdisciplinary Jewish anarchism.

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