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Cover for: A Place of Our Own : Six Spaces That Shaped Queer Women's Culture

A Place of Our Own : Six Spaces That Shaped Queer Women's Culture

June Thomas More by this author...£22.00Out 6th June 2024

Lesbians are a people without a home. Perhaps that's why the ones we make for ourselves are so important. A highly readable cultural history of queer women's lives in the second half of the twentieth century, told through six iconic spaces

'An inspiring celebration of lesbian camaraderie, activism and fun' SARAH WATERS

'Jam-packed with fascinating nuggets of cultural history, movement lore and gossip; riveting; indispensable; and suffused with a humane warmth' ALISON BECHDEL

'A must-have for any queer bookshelf' TEGAN QUIN

For as long as queer women have existed, they've created gathering grounds where they can be themselves.

From the intimate darkness of the lesbian bar to the sweaty camaraderie of the softball field, these spaces aren't a luxury - they're a necessity for queer women defining their identities. Blending memoir, archival research and interviews, journalist June Thomas invites readers into six iconic lesbian spaces over the course of the last sixty years, including the rural commune, the sex toy boutique, the holiday destination and the feminist bookstore. She also illuminates what is gained and lost in the shift from the exclusive, tight-knit women's spaces of the '70s toward today's more inclusive yet more diffuse LGBTQ+ communities.

'Pulses with delicious dykes and the spaces we have made for ourselves over the years. I welcome this story' STELLA DUFFY

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