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When We Ruled

Paula Akpan More by this author...£22.00ou 12th Sept 2024

Njinga MbandeNana Yaa AsantewaaMakobo Modjadji VIRanavalona the First

These queens and warriors ruled vast swathes of the African continent, where they led, loved and fought for their kingdoms and people. Their impact can still be felt today, and yet, beyond the lands they called home, so few of us have ever heard their names. In When We Ruled, historian Paula Akpan takes us into the worlds of these powerful figures, following their stories and how they came to rule and influence the futures of their people.

Through deep research and discovery, Akpan will uncover new truths and grapple with uncomfortable realities, allowing us to be immersed in countless moments of bravery, intrigue and, for some, the unravelling of their rule. With reigns spanning from pre-colonial Nigeria to the rich lands of Rwanda, and from Ancient Egypt to apartheid South Africa, these rulers shed a new light on gender politics in these regions, showing how women were celebrated and revered before colonising powers took hold, and continue to be long after. In this game-changing narrative of twelve lives, Akpan takes us on a spellbinding, enrapturing and immersive history that is nothing short of revelatory.

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