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Cover for: Uncivilised : Ten Lies that Made the West

Uncivilised : Ten Lies that Made the West

Das, Subhadra More by this author...£20.00

An enthralling and radical book that overturns our assumptions about civilisation and society

'A witty and accessible survey of the shortcomings of western civilisation as many people imagine it' ANGELA SAINI, author of Superior

'A vital piece of work in our challenging times that reminds us of the rich history and influences outside the West. Das writes with passion and humour to open our eyes to the history that has shaped our world' ROMA AGRAWAL, author of Built and Nuts and Bolts

Some things are a given: knowledge is power, time is money, justice is blind. But many of the big ideas that underpin Western civilisation are just that - ideas. Taking cues from Greek philosophy and honed in the Enlightenment, certain notions about humanity and society grew into the tenets we still live by today, and we haven't questioned them a great deal since. But what if they're not just ideas? What if they're outright lies? Isn't it time we asked who really benefits from the values at the core of our society? What is unbiased about a science that conjured up 'race'? Who do laws and nations actually protect? What even is 'art'?

And the real question: is the West really as 'civilised' as it thinks it is? Uncivilised puts everything back on the table and asks readers to reconsider what they thought they knew about civilisation, starting with the ten lies that have shaped their lives.

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