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Cover for: Reclaiming : Essays on finding yourself one piece at a time

Reclaiming : Essays on finding yourself one piece at a time

Biala, Yewande More by this author...£10.99Paperback
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I am more than enough, and I am perfect with all my imperfections.

In 2021, Yewande Biala wrote a searing viral essay on the debilitating effects of having your name constantly mispronounced or changed. From the incredible response to the essay, it was clear that there are still so many conversations to be had around the way that we as a society respond to each other, and the direct effect it is having on our sense of self. Reclaiming consists of interlinked essays covering a wide breadth of topics from struggling with your body image and mental health to navigating social media and dating apps without damaging your self-esteem. Each essay covers a different topic, affirming that maintaining your sense of self in a world that is not supportive of you is difficult, but not impossible. Nuanced, distinctly sharp, and full of wit, Reclaiming holds a mirror up to us all, and encourages us to like what we see.

'Reclaiming is a brilliantly written and thought-provoking book. Through amazing story telling, Yewande highlights the richness in her culture that so many other black women can relate to. It was extremely gripping right from beginning.' – Oloni

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