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Cover for: Crime and Investigative Reporting in the UK

Crime and Investigative Reporting in the UK

Marianne Colbran More by this author...£42.40RRP £85

    Drawing on interviews with journalists, senior police and press officers, this is the first ethnographic study of crime news reporting in the UK for over 25 years. It explores changes over the last 40 years, including the aftermath of the Leveson Report and the breakdown of relations between the Met and the mainstream media. The book argues that new investigative journalism non-profits have been slowly repairing the field of crime journalism and reporting with - and not on - stigmatised communities.

    Nevertheless, the police continue to control the flow of policing news to the press and the public. Despite the radical transformation of the Fourth Estate, in the case of the police it has never been so restricted in its ability to speak truth to power.

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