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Cover for: More Orgasms Please : Why Female Pleasure Matters

More Orgasms Please : Why Female Pleasure Matters

Collective, The Hotbed More by this author...£7.99

An orgasm will help you sleep and keep you looking younger, it doesn't cost money and isn't a scarce resource. So why is it that, like the pay gap, there is an "orgasm gap" between women and men? The Hotbed Collective began life as a podcast with a mission "to make life better one orgasm at a time." Their debut book, More Orgasms Please is an open, honest and at moments hilarious dive into all aspects of sex for women. It covers feminist porn, body image, menopause and much more. Like the podcast that inspired it, More Orgasms Please is like the best sort of chat between friends: punchy and playful, normalizing and educating. It is an eye-opening read that puts women's bodies and our right to pleasure firmly on the map. Think of it as "Couch to 5k" . . . for orgasms.

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