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Cover for: Love and Choice : A Radical Approach to Sex and Relationships

Love and Choice : A Radical Approach to Sex and Relationships

Lucy Fry More by this author...£14.99

What, in your relationships, have you chosen? What would you choose, if you felt able? In Love and Choice, therapist and journalist Lucy Fry explains why relationships should start with these simple questions. Most of us are brought up with a blueprint for our most important and intimate relationships. It comes from family, the media, or even the government's tax policies, and the message is simple: The (gold) standard for a romantic relationship is one that is heterosexual, between two people, and monogamous.

Lucy invites us to examine this blueprint consciously, accept that it may not be for everyone, and consider something outside the ordinary. By offering us a window into a life built on choice, and a radical approach, Lucy helps us explore what we really want, and what our relationship needs. With care, wit and candour, Fry blends insightful psychological and philosophical ideas with case studies drawn from interviews with experts, real people, and experiences in her own life.

Love and Choice gives readers everything they need to choose what, who, and how to love.

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