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Cover for: Dele Weds Destiny : A stunning novel of friendship, love and home - the most heart-warming debut of 2022

Dele Weds Destiny : A stunning novel of friendship, love and home - the most heart-warming debut of 2022

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Three women. Three decades. The friendship of a lifetime.

'Fast-paced, glamorous, and bursting with emotion, Dele Weds Destiny is a thrilling debut. The bonds between women - as friends, and across the generations - are the jewels that make this story shine!' Tayari Jones'Obaro writes beautifully about the complicated labour of friendship and parentage. Dele Weds Destiny explores caregiving as a kind of deferment, but also as discovery, of desire, of fury, of home' Raven LeilaniZainab, Funmi and Enitan first meet at University in northern Nigeria, all learning how to become themselves.

It's an experience that binds the three very different women together. When Enitan moves to New York to elope with a white man, Zainab and Funmi are left behind, with drastically different fortunes. Over the course of thirty years, their lives and friendships diverge and change.

Enitan is separating from her husband, trying to understand her daughter Remi. Zainab finds herself the sole breadwinner for her husband and their four sons. And Funmi is living a life of confined luxury, as the wife of a successful, shady businessman.

But theirs is a friendship that can endure decades of distance. And in 2015, they are reunited for the first time for the wedding of Funmi's daughter, Destiny. Here they will reflect on their pasts, the things they loved and lost - but the present brings unexpected surprises too, because their daughters, Remi and Destiny, might just be as rebellious and open-hearted as they once were.

DELE WEDS DESTINY is the heartfelt, vivid and sparkling debut novel by editor and writer Tomi Obaro, a dazzling new voice in fiction. A story of three women, we witness the shared histories, betrayals and triumphs play out, and their unforgettable, enduring friendship. 'Tomi Obaro's deftly-paced novel is an ode to the enduring truth of friendship.

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