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Cover for: No Planet B : A Teen Vogue Guide to the Climate Crisis

No Planet B : A Teen Vogue Guide to the Climate Crisis

Diavolo, Lucy, Peoples Wagner, Lindsay More by this author...£14.99

An urgent call for climate justice from Teen Vogue, one of this generation's leading voices, using an intersectional lens - with critical feminist, indigenous, antiracist and internationalist perspectives. As the political classes watch our world burn, a new movement of young people is rising to meet the challenge of climate catastrophe. This book is a guide, a toolkit, a warning and a cause for hope.

"I hope that this book embodies Teen Vogue's motto of making young people feel seen and heard all over the world. I hope that it forces their parents, communities, loved ones, friends, and-most importantly-those in power to see that the health of our planet depends on how quickly and drastically we change our behaviors. I hope it forces them all to respond." -From the foreword by Teen Vogue editor-in-chief, Lindsay Peoples Wagner

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