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You And A Bike And A Road

Davis, Eleanor More by this author...£17.99Paperback

Eleanor Davis's bike tour from Tucson, Arizona to Athens, Georgia is a quest of epic proportions - not just geographically, which it surely is, but inwardly as well. While facing off formidable headwinds, drivers with reckless abandon, and screaming knee pain, the author confronts an even greater challenge - her own mind.

Life on two wheels teaches her many lessons, and she narrates them with keen observation and self-deprecating candour through a series of funny, touching vignettes. Companionship from fellow travellers and the generosity of colourful strangers propel Davis along the open road.

A tale of serendipitous encounters, surprising friendship, perseverance, and tenderness, Eleanor Davis's You & A Bike & A Road reveals the power, and truth, of the most efficient mode of human transportation - a bicycle.

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