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Cover for: An Event, Perhaps : A Biography of Jacques Derrida

An Event, Perhaps : A Biography of Jacques Derrida

Salmon, Peter More by this author...£9.99usually 4-7 days for delivery

"An introduction to the life and work of the philosopher Jacques Derrida"

Who was Jacques Derrida? For some, he is responsible, at least in part, for the contemporary crisis of truth. For the far right, he is one of the architects of Cultural Marxism. To his academic critics, he reduced French philosophy to 'little more than an object of ridicule'.

For his fans, he is an intellectual rock star who ranged across literature, politics, and linguistics. In An Event Perhaps, Peter Salmon presents this misunderstood and misappropriated figure as a deeply humane and urgent thinker for our times. Accessible, provocative and beautifully written, this biography will introduce to a new readership to the life and work of a philosopher whose influence over the way we think will continue long into the twenty-first century.

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