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Cover for: The 32 : An Anthology of Irish Working-Class Voices

The 32 : An Anthology of Irish Working-Class Voices

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We read because we want to experience lives and emotions beyond our own, to learn, to see with others' eyes.The 32 is a collection of memoir and essays in celebration of the working class, from thirty-two established and emerging Irish voices including Kevin Barry, Dermot Bolger, Roddy Doyle, Lisa McInerney, Lyra McKee and many more.

Too often, working-class writers find that the hurdles they come up against are higher and harder to leap over than those faced by writers from more affluent backgrounds. The 32 sees writers who have made that leap reach back to give a helping hand to those coming up behind.Without these working-class voices, without the vital reflection of real lives, or role models for working-class readers and writers, literature will be poorer. We will all be poorer.

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