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Cover for: Wokelore : Boris Johnson's Culture War and Other Stories

Wokelore : Boris Johnson's Culture War and Other Stories

Matharu, Hardeep More by this author...£12.99

Following the story wherever it goes can take you to some unexpected placesWokelore is a thought-provoking collection of more than fifty articles, essays and stories you won't find anywhere else.

The first book from the independent and fearless newspaper Byline Times, it transports you from 1970s Europe to Putin's Russia, from the days of empire in Kenya to Brexit Britain, shedding light on America's political crisis and exposing the UK's disastrous handling of COVID-19. The work collected here - from an impressive range of writers including Anthony Barnett, Otto English, Misha Glenny, Bonnie Greer, Salena Godden, Peter Oborne and Musa Okwonga - explores race, identity, disinformation, populism, the state of journalism, threats to our democracy and more, each piece offering a fresh take and new ideas.

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