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Cover for: A Little Piece of Mind

A Little Piece of Mind

Paley-Phillips, Giles More by this author...£12.99out 9 Jun 2022

From award-winning author Giles Paley-Phillips, this haunting verse novel follows Hobs, a young man struggling to navigate his own mind and the increasingly mysterious affairs he encounters in his supposedly idyllic suburban home town.

When Jenni, the girl of his dreams, suddenly disappears, Hobs finds himself on the trail of Mike Bilk, a charismatic businessman-turned-politician whose alleged role in a local tragedy points to greater questions of political greed and corruption. As time begins to lose its shape, Hobs is left to piece together his fragmented memories while battling the disorienting anguish of adolescent love and infatuation.

With reality crumbling around him, Hobs must confront the possibility that there's no one left he can trust - least of all himself.

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