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Cover for: The World in Conflict : Understanding the world's troublespots

The World in Conflict : Understanding the world's troublespots

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The world today rests on increasingly unstable fault lines. Since The World in Conflict's last edition, we have experienced a global pandemic, fresh upheavals in the Middle East, and growing doubts over America's role in the world. As climate change and natural disasters threaten humanity, the world's danger zones once again draw their battle lines across our hyperconnected, yet fragmented, globe.

Join veteran Economist journalist John Andrews as he analyses the old enmities and looming collisions that underlie conflict in the twenty-first century. Region by region, discover the causes, contexts, participants and likely outcomes of every globally significant struggle now underway. From drug cartels to cyber war, this is the indispensable guide for anyone who wants to understand our perilous world.

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