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Len Pennie More by this author...£14.99Out feb 2024

Please note this title will be released in February 2024 – but you can pre-order it with Lighthouse today!

He said, 'write me a poyum', this boy that I knew, I said break ma hert first and I'll write about you, Cause I only write poyums for money or love, And since neither are offered, I think I'll hold off Because poetry lives in the breaking of hearts, The end of beginnings, the stopping of starts

In poyums, Len Pennie has created a collection that is as approachable as it is affecting; whether she's writing letters to her younger self, advocating for women's rights or adapting fairy tales to process an abusive relationship, Len's voice is bold, unashamedly frank and unmistakably hers. She consciously fuses Scots into her poetry, cleverly ensuring that it is accessible to speakers of both languages.

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