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Cover for: The Edge of Solitude

The Edge of Solitude

Katie Hale More by this author...£16.99out 4 Jul 2024

*Thrilled to be launching the novel with an event on July 4th in Edinburgh, stay tuned for details!*

A lone ship journeys south, heading for the furthest reaches of Antarctica. It belongs to Sky, the billionaire behind a groundbreaking project to salvage the region.

On board is disgraced environmental activist Ivy Cunningham, lending her expertise in the hope that it might rescue her reputation - and perhaps even mend her broken relationship with her son. And yet, as the ship moves ever deeper into the breathtaking but eerie landscape, Ivy grows increasingly suspicious of her fellow passengers, and starts to question the project's motives.

If she could leave, she would - but she knows there's no way home. Exhilarating, terrifying and thought-provoking at once, The Edge of Solitude is a story of climate emergency and human fallibility, of the clash of ambition and principle, and of the choices we make when we know that time is running out.

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