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Music From Another World

Robin Talley More by this author...£7.99

'I'm just so sick of blending in...'

It's 1977, and the USA is tearing itself apart. And so is Tammy Larson.

Seventeen and scared, Tammy has a secret that her strict community and conservative family must never find out; one that she's only ever shared in unposted letters to her hero, Harvey Milk. She's gay. Hundreds of miles away, Tammy's new pen pal is dealing with a few secrets of her own.

Sharon Hawkins lives in foggy San Francisco, an exciting city full of protests and punk music. But as the letters pile up in her desk drawer, Sharon begins to realise that her world might not be that different to Tammy's after all... Set to a soundtrack of Bowie, Blondie and a whole lot of Patti Smith, the girls' worlds converge in ways they could never have imagined.

With a fierce sense of rebellion and a feminist attitude to boot, Tammy and Sharon soon discover what it means to be their true selves, and one thing's for sure: they're both sick of blending in. The perfect empowering and life-affirming read for fans of Caitlin Moran, Becky Albertalli and Meredith Russo.

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