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The Last Days of Petrol

Bridget Khursheed More by this author...£10.95Usually 7-10 days for delivery

Bridget Khursheed's interest is in ecopoetry and the teetering intersections between landscape (or the shape of things), nature and population.

Her new collection, The Last Days of Petrol, centres on how we cannot imagine that the world as we know is about to change in personal, political or global terms. Summed up in a couple of quotes: one from George Eliot --

"A man will tell you that he has worked in a mine for forty years unhurt by an accident as a reason why he should apprehend no danger, though the roof is beginning to sink; and it is often observable, that the older a man gets, the more difficult it is to him to retain a believing conception of his own death." And one that is included in the collection itself from Hugh MacDiarmid -- "It is a frenzied and chaotic age, Like a growth of weeds on the site of a demolished building." We continue to search for our homes and perhaps that will transform our relationship to earth.

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