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Cover for: Atoms Never Touch

Atoms Never Touch

cadenas, micha, brown, adrienne maree More by this author...£14.00

Fierce, poignant sci-fi, about hacking, love, and resistance. Time travel sounds great, if you're in control. But what if you're not? What if you're propelled away from the people and places you love the most in the blink of an eye? And what if these involuntary journeys happen because your neurochemistry is different, and your brain works differently?

Beautiful, compassionate, and resourceful as she is, this is Rea's problem. A trans woman and an academic, she is beloved by a tight circle of friends, who fully accept her without knowing the cause of her disappearances. But she is haunted by the lovers and family that she cannot trace back to, and fears she might be separated from them forever. Each time she transits into a new time and space, everything shifts--even the films and writing Rea produces readjust their molecules to match her new quantum reality. But Rea, a brilliant lay scientist, is determined to crack the code, and end her quest for lasting connections and home.

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