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Cover for: A Herd of Red Deer : A Study in Animal Behaviour

A Herd of Red Deer : A Study in Animal Behaviour

Darling, Frank Fraser, Stephen, Walter, Stephen, Walter£9.99

A Herd of Red Deer revolutionised the way that British wildlife was studied. Darling spent two years with the red deer and this book describes in beautiful detail all that he learnt. From the excitement of the rutting season to the struggle for mastery of the herd, Darling is able to express the changes in the deer community throughout the year with a warmth and personality that few scientists have. As part of the Luath Wild Lives series, the original text is complimented with diagrams, maps and new photographs. In the introduction Walter Stephen shows how A Herd of Red Deer inspired a generation to follow in Darling's footsteps, to love the Highlands and to be aware of the big environmental issues of the 21st century. This authoritative work on the lives and habits of the red deer, supported by Scottish Natural Heritage, will appeal to all those interested in wildlife and the environment.