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Origin Stories

edited by Vidisha Ghosh and Olivia Thomakos More by this author...£9.99Out Jan 2024

    Origin Stories is a book of beginnings. This anthology released by Forest Publishing includes poems and short stories from writers worldwide. As Harry Josephine Giles writes in the introduction:

    Each story and poem takes as its beginning the idea of beginning itself: the beginning of a life, a love, a death, a pain, a hope, a fear, a story. These searching writers hold you, the reader, in that breath in which all stories are possible, in which any rhyme might be written. Each piece takes the shape of the question, the question with which everything begins: what might happen next? We're looking here not for that moment of resolution, that comedy or tragedy, that happily ever after or final revenge, but the place where the seed of story is sewn. The rest is up to you.

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