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Cover for: Unlocked : Reading & Writing Prompts for Practising Poets

Unlocked : Reading & Writing Prompts for Practising Poets

Butler, Sue, Nelson, Helena, Gann, Charlotte More by this author...£8.00Paperback

Poetry isn’t just inspiration; it’s a matter of craft. And that means regular application and practice.

Sue Butler (copywriter and poet) and Helena Nelson (poet and HappenStance publisher) have come up with some lively, technique-oriented approaches to reading and writing poetry. Each of the book’s ten sections discusses an accessible poem, especially aspects of its craft. Writing prompts follow and build on this.

Think of it as a residential workshop in your own home.  Except you can choose where to start, and you can stop for a coffee break whenever you want to. You may even find yourself having fun!

But without even buying a copy, you can get a free sample from the book (with an exercise that is not in the book itself) here.

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