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Cover for: What Does A Jew Look Like?

What Does A Jew Look Like?

Kahn-Harris, Keith, Stothard, Robert More by this author...£12.99

"What does a Jew look like?" Well, it's complicated…

Too often, the answer seems to be: "Jews wear black hats, black coats and have beards." Of course, some do, but the answer to the question "what does a Jew look like?" is much more complicated – and much more interesting.

This book of portraits of British Jews showcases some of the many different ways men and women can be Jewish in Britain today. Alongside the portraits, each subject explains what it means to them to be a Jew. For those who don't know what a Jew looks like – or for those who think they know – the book is designed to surprise, inform and beguile. For those who are Jewish, the book will perhaps introduce parts of the Jewish community that they may not be familiar with.

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