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Cover for: Of Strangers and Bees : A Hayy ibn Yaqzan Tale

Of Strangers and Bees : A Hayy ibn Yaqzan Tale

Ismailov, Hamid, Fairweather-Vega, Shelley More by this author...£9.99

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The intricate new novel from the winner of the EBRD Literature Prize. In the latest thrilling multi-stranded epic from the award-winning author of The Devils Dance, an Uzbek writer in exile follows in the footsteps of the medieval polymath Avicenna, who shaped Islamic thought and science for centuries. Waking from a portentous dream, Uzbek writer Sheikhov is convinced that Avicenna still lives, condemned to roam the world. Avicenna appears in various incarnations, across the ages, from Ottoman Turkey to medieval Germany and Renaissance Italy. Sheikhov plies the same route, though his troubles are distinctly modern as he endures the petty humiliations of exile. Following the award-winning The Devils' Dance, Hamid Ismailov has crafted another masterpiece, combining traditional oral storytelling with contemporary global fiction to create a modern Sufi parable about the search for truth and wisdom.

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