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Cover for: Terraformed : Young Black Lives in the Inner City

Terraformed : Young Black Lives in the Inner City

White, Joy More by this author...£10.99
  • Social Justice
  • British Politics
  • Anti-racism, decolonisation & post-colonial Thought
  • Writers of colour

An uncompromising wake-up call. Joy White tells uncomfortable truths and blows apart our understanding of racism, crime and policing in our inner-cities. Since the 1980s, austerity, gentrification and structural racism have wreaked havoc on inner-city communities, widening inequality and entrenching poverty. In Terraformed, Joy White offers an insider ethnography of Forest Gate -- a neighbourhood in Newham, east London -- analysing how these issues affect the black youth of today. Connecting the dots between music, politics and the built environment, it centres the lived experiences of black youth who have had it all: huge student debt, invisible homelessness, custodial sentences, electronic tagging, surveillance, arrest, ASBOs, issues with health and well-being, and of course, loss. Part ethnography, part memoir, Terraformed contextualises the history of Newham and considers how young black lives are affected by racism, neoliberalism and austerity.

Watch Joy White in this episode of our Read Think Act video series:

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