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Cover for: The Book of Ramallah : A City in Short Fiction

The Book of Ramallah : A City in Short Fiction

Abu Al-Hayat, Maya, Abu Rhama, Anas, Badr, Liana, Hamad, Ameer, Hourani, Khaled, Jaber, Ahmad, Khada More by this author...£10.99

Unlike most other Palestinian cities, Ramallah is a relatively new town, a de facto capital of the West Bank allowed to thrive after the Oslo Peace Accords, but just as quickly hemmed in and suffocated by the Occupation as the Accords have failed. Perched along the top of a mountainous ridge, it plays host to many contradictions: traditional Palestinian architecture jostling against aspirational developments and cultural initiatives, a thriving nightlife in one district, with much more conservative, religious attitudes in the next. Most striking however - as these stories show - is the quiet dignity, resilience and humour of its people; citizens who take their lives into their hands every time they travel from one place to the next, who continue to live through countless sieges, and yet still find the time, and resourcefulness, to create.

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