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The Neurodiversity reader

Damian Milton More by this author...£35.00

This thought-provoking collection is written for all stakeholders in relation to autism and neurodivergent conditions. Despite having wide impact on a variety of disciplines, neurodiversity and related concepts are often poorly understood, which can lead to uninformed debate and potential tensions between stakeholders regarding service provision for those with neuro-developmental disabilities. The Neurodiveristy Reader brings together work from pioneering figures within and beyond the neurodiversity movement to critically explore its history, the concepts of neurodiversity that have shaped it, lived experiences, and how a better informed understanding might be translated into practice and service provision. Through a variety of accounts, the relevance and criticisms of these concepts in understanding ourselves and one another are examined, as well as important implications for practice. A primary text for support professionals and students of neurodivergent experiences and disability, as well as neurodivergent people themselves.

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