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Cover for: Red Dust, White Snow

Red Dust, White Snow

Huiting, Pan More by this author...£8.99Paperback
  • Fiction
  • Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror
  • Dystopian & Apocalyptic Fiction

'Who is to say dreams are insubstantial when whole lives can be lived in their pursuit?

When an office worker receives a mysterious device promising to transport her to a parallel universe, she assumes it is just another marketing stunt. That night, she visits a fantastical place in her dreams; on waking she returns to her normal life, only to return to the same dream the following night. At first she finds the ongoing dreams bizarre, but the more time she spends in the dream world, the less she wants to wake up.

Yet as her fantasy begins to encroach on her waking life, dream and reality collide with drastic consequences. With sharp insight, wry humour and Black Mirror-esque themes, Red Dust, White Snow highlights the blurring of reality and fantasy in our increasingly virtual world.

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