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Cover for: The Mouth of Eulalie

The Mouth of Eulalie

Brechin, Annie More by this author...£10.00

Eighty-two raw, fragmented, numbered poems in couplets chart the course of a marriage: passion, obsession, humour, love, sex, control, betrayal and liberation.

“Annie Brechin is a profoundly mesmerising, fresh and captivating poet, somehow both tender and brutal, sharp and vulnerable. The Mouth of Eulalie is a triumph, an empowering read and as uncomfortable as the truth. I found it deeply moving and beautiful, and like all great classics I will treasure my copy of this book and read it again and again." – Salena Godden

Annie Brechin has always brought a special shape. It might be somewhat lived in, may be folded differently, not always a standard fit, but you know it’s gonna hang fabulously. – Tim Wells

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