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Shane Strachan More by this author...£10.00out 2nd April 2024
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  • Of Scotland
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In a spectrum of voices across Scots and English, the poems in DWAMS concern themselves with the climate emergency and just transition, rising xenophobia, and with queer romance and sex, in a groundbreaking debut collection from North East Scottish writer and poet Shane Strachan. The collection looks anew at the city of Aberdeen and the wider North East region’s industrial heritage, moving across time and place, from mountains and farmland to city and sea.

Shane Strachan was awarded Scots Champion at the 2023 Scots Language Awards following his year as the National Library of Scotland’s Scots Scriever writer-in-residence. His previous works include the novella Nevertheless (amaBooks), ‘The Shelter’ staged with the National Theatre of Scotland, and multiple poems and stories in Gutter, New Writing Scotland, Northwords Now, Stand and various anthologies. His poetry has also appeared on BBC Radio 4 and in Aberdeen Art Gallery and V&A Dundee. He holds a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Aberdeen where he now lectures in Creative Writing.


A stunning collection. Razor sharp, unflinching and beautifully observed. Strachan is such a talent. – Rachelle Atalla
A lustrous bonfire of lexical delight, where sensual shimmers flank blazing political vigour and trenchant tenderness. DWAMS is dazzling, gritty, louche, lilted and gooey — as is true of the writer himself. Full beam fantastic. – Michael Pederson

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