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Cover for: For the Lives of All Women

For the Lives of All Women

Cavalcante, Camila More by this author...£29.99

`It is a woman's right. It is the expression of her autonomy to claim uncompromising power over her own body and the determination of her own future. It is overcoming motherhood as a biological destiny.'`Pela Vida das Mulheres' was the chant that Brazilians took to the streets to fight for reproductive rights. Just like those protests, this book is a call to action for activists and lawmakers around the world. For over two years, Camila Cavalcante travelled around Brazil meeting women who have had or who have witnessed illegal abortions. She photographed fifty women who shared their stories with her. The collection of portraits is both deeply personal and deeply political. Cavalcante uses the naked female form to challenge the dangerous reproductive laws of Brazil. She exposes her body and identity on behalf of these women in an act of solidarity, as well as subversion. Within this context, For the Lives of All Women/Pela Vida das Mulheres is an act of rebellion in itself.

Camila was part of our panel on femicide and radical imagination: Dead Girls

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