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Fat Activism : A Radical Social Movement

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harlotte Cooper, a fat activist with more than 30 years experience, lifts the lid on a previously unexplored social movement and offers a fresh perspective on one of the major problems of our times. In her expansive, intelligent grassroots study she:

- Reveals details of fat activist methods and approaches

- Features extensive accounts of fat activist historical roots going back over four decades

- Explores controversies and tensions in the movement

- Shows that fat activism is an undeniably feminist and queer phenomenon

Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement is a rare instance of fat people speaking about their lives and politics on their own terms. The book is the result of Charlotte's community-based doctoral research.

‘Charlotte Cooper’s fierce new book Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement should be required reading for scholars and activists. Cooper draws on extensive interviews with fat activists to render a trenchant analysis of our field of motion. She takes a penetrating look at activist efforts and self-understandings, eschewing easy praise in favor of discernment that ultimately promises to invigorate the movement.’ Kathleen LeBesco / Marymount Manhattan College (Associate Dean)

Published 01/01/2016 (Hammeron Press) in United Kingdom
Paperback | 312 pages