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Unknown Language: A Science Fiction

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On planet Avaaz, in a sea cave with cracked amethyst walls, Pinky Agarwalia discovers fragments of visionary texts by the legendary 12th century mystic Hildegard von Bingen. Thought to be destroyed during the evacuation of Earth in the year 2019, the fragments of the Scivias text contains hitherto unknown pathways to a lost vision of humanity - and the seeds of its rebirth on Avaaz.

Hildegard's mystic toolkit for the journey of life into the future includes a cosmology, mandalas, advice on how to cure various malaises from the spiritual to gout, a morphol­ogy of crystals, recipes - and a new language. Lingua Ignota, the unknown language invented by Hildegard for mysterious reasons, arrives just in time for a world in flux, one whose coordinates are being recast.

Pinky Agarwalia, however, cannot read this new language, though as she traces the diagrams with her fingertip, she suddenly understands a vision that appears with­out warning in her own mind that she must first immerse these materials in water, a guarded substance.

In the water, the molecules of the hidden language dissolve, freeze then reconfigure into new shapes, the crystalline language communicated not through sound but by feeling and light.


Published 04/05/2020 in United Kingdom
Paperback | 240 pages