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The Twittering Machine

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'Richard Seymour has a brilliant mind and a compelling style. Everything he writes is worth reading.' – Gary Younge, Editor-at-Large, Guardian

'A brilliant, urgent, game-changing intervention.' – China Miéville, author of October: The Story of the Russian Revolution

'A brilliant and provocative reassessment of a technology that has become apparently indispensable to modern life.' – Daniel Trilling, editor of New Humanist and author of Lights in the Distance

'If you really want to set yourself free you should read a book - preferably this one.' – Observer, Book of the Week

'A thrilling demonstration of what [resistance] can look like ... everyone should read it.' – Guardian

'Clever, and alarming ... a first tentative vision of what a neo-luddite response to our predicament might look like.' – Spectator


Published 15/08/2019 in United Kingdom
Paperback | 240 pages, 1 illustration